Scopepad-D In China





The tablet is developed specifically for microscopes, with a 9.7-inch 2048*1536 retina display, RK3288 ARM CPU, and Android 5.1 (later upgraded 6.0) operating system.Built-in special micro software, the whole machine runs smoothly, the user experience is good.

The main features

19.7 -inch color LCD high-definition LCD screen, true color reproduction.

2built-in Android Intelligent operating system, unlimited extension.

3can touch, also can use the keyboard mouse operation, can be used as a small computer.

4support multiple interface, USB, external memory card, etc., HDMI output can be projected onto a screen big screen TV or curtain.

5support WI-FI and Bluetooth transmission, convenient file exchange.

6Equipped with special micro - camera software, support preview, photo, video, measurement .